Thermal Printer Module

User can print the information (ex. Anamnesis No, Name, Date, Medicine name,Administration, bar code, etc…) on the packing paper. And we use the small size print heat to make the cleaning and changing ribbon easier.





Brand New Mechanical Structure

We use the folded packing paper to make changing packing paper easier. Packing paper can be divided into 3 sizes: 7X7, 7X9, 7X10(cm). Temperature sensor is fixed on pressure sealer. According to different material of packingpaper, user can control the temperature via panel. 





An Innovative Board Set Up

Packing paper and heat sealer are parallel assembly, making the print more clearly to see. The board is setting on machine by 30° tilt, and make the cleaning and changing packing paper/ribbon easier.





Brand New Sealer Design

Design patent of the Bilateral Opened Pressure Heat Sealer can pack without touching the medicine and increase the package capacity of medicine.
Utility model patent number : M 485869






Two-tier Tablet Plate

A new design patent of the Bilateral Movable Tablet Plate can reduce the volume of machine, save time and improve work efficiency.
Patent number : 21560





Straight Drop Powder Groove

Powder Groove is corrosion resistance with aluminum alloy. The movable back cover can open 90° horizontally, so the powder isn’t easier to be left over. (Capacity of powder container is at least 8g.) Powder splitter slot moves with the number of packages. Machine can clean the powder groove automatically. When the moveable back cover is misdirected, machine will automatic guide it back to right position.




Machine without Network Operation Mode

This machine can perform medicine packaging operation independently. The operation on panel display in Chinese. And it also displays the Code of device failure, temperature of the heat sealer.






Connection Operating System (Touch Screen)

It can connect to HIS and other system for data transmission. So the information can be print on packing paper. And user also can select empty packaging or prepackaging in operating system.






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